Thursday, February 24, 2011

All New Subscriber Page for PowerPoint Downloads

I have exciting news! The new members only blog has now been launched. Subscribe to PowerPoints for French Grammar for an annual fee of just $29.99 + tax (Hawaii excise services tax 4.713%)

There is also a one-month trial period in the amount of $2.50 + tax

Become a member for an annual fee in the amount of $29.99 + tax. Paid  subscribers have access to more than 17 presentations. More are added weekly. Click on word member or subscribers in blue above to link to the Offer page.  You may also click the link below:

Membership includes unlimited use of PowerPoint Presentations listed below. Each presentation is downloadable on the “Member” page only. The list will grow as more presentations are added. Please be advised that these PowerPoint Presentations are the 2008 version ppts. The earlier pps version (1997-2004) are gradually being added to the list : contact me for more information:

These PowerPoint Presentations will work on both, the Mac and PC compatibles, and should automatically save to your PowerPoint files.
Or e-mail me:


Once you’ve subscribed, you will receive payment notification and your password, do the following:
  • Go back to
  • Go to the panel on the left and click on login
  • An S2 Member page will pop-up
  • Type your username and password
  • The left panel where you login will now say logout (this means you are now logged onto the website)
  • A Welcome Member Page will pop-up, and you will see a list of all the PP presentations to download. Only download the presentations that are blue linked
  • A box will appear as the presentation is being downloaded. Once it is done, double-click to view your presentation (it should automatically be saved to your PowerPoint files

If you have difficulties logging in, please e-mail me at:


Simple Future

Present Subjunctive

Past Subjunctive

Present Conditional of Regular Verbs

Present Conditional of Irregular Verbs

Hypothetical Situations or conditions using combinations of tenses: present/future and progressive past/present conditional

Adjectives of Age, Beauty, Goodness and Size


Relative Pronouns “qui and que”

Differences between the verbs “connaître and savoir

Irregular Verbs in the Present Tense

Regular Verbs in the Present Tense

Direct Objects

Making gender and number agreement of verbs preceded by DO pronouns

Indirect Objects

Irregular Past Participles Conjugated with “Avoir”

Past Participles Conjugated with “Être”

The Adjective “Tout”

Countries and Nationalities

Reflexive Verbs