Friday, October 22, 2010

The Benefit of Using PowerPoint Presentations for French Grammar

Do most of your students fall behind in grammar?

Do some of the students disrupt your lessons?

Are you too busy to create your own French Grammar Powerpoint Presentation?

Welcome to my blog solution. My name is Mary Tseng. I am a high school French Instructor and I use French Grammar Powerpoint Presentations in my French classes because students will quiet down and take notes at their own pace. I provide  step-by-step presentations with examples and drills. You can present one segment of the lesson at a time or show a whole lesson for a test review. Click the following Quia Teacher Website that I maintain to view samples of the drills available to students.

E-mail me for a free Powerpoint Presentation for French Grammar (choose from the list below) or preview a lesson on the past compound tense (passé composé) of regular verbs in PDF format by clicking below.

You may order a CD of five presentations for $30.00 plus shipping cost. Select any five from the list below. If you do not see a Powerpoint Presentation for French Grammar on what you plan to teach, I will customize one for you to download to your computer in the amount of $10.00. Better still, by becoming a member for a monthly fee of $5.00, you will have access to a new grammar download every month.

CD includes

Passé Composé 

(Download a free PP by clicking on the graduation picture on the right)
Present Subjunctive
Past Subjunctive
Adjectives of Age, Beauty, Goodness and Size
Relative Pronouns “qui and que”
Differences between the verbs "connaître and savoir"
Irregular Verbs in the Present Tense
Direct Objects
Indirect Objects

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